2020’s Biggest Interior Design & Color Trends, So Far

Remodeling and decorating your home according to what’s “in” at the moment can be tricky. This is because what’s popular doesn’t always go well with your home’s architecture and style. Today, our kitchen renovation experts share the biggest interior design and color trends of 2020, so far. 

Design Trends

Grandmillenial Style

This trending home style is the borderline between minimalism and maximalism. Patterns and prints are always present in the grandmillennial home style. Ruffles, pleats and fringe are also common. Dark-stained wood furniture pieces give this style a historic look, while abstract art or metallic decor modernizes living spaces. 

Built-In Hardware

Fully integrated hardware is a major design trend of 2020. It creates a sleek and seamless look while still providing function. Built-in hardware gives off the appearance of molding lines, making your space feel neat and calm. 

Cantilevered Eat-In Area in Kitchen Islands

Both large and small cantilever structures can be included in your next kitchen remodeling project. These structures look as if they are floating. Adding a cantilevered eat-in area in your kitchen island will give your home a more modern look. 

Eco-Friendly Fireplaces

Environmentally friendly fireplaces can be installed easily and they don’t require ventilation. You can have them integrated into built-in furniture or used in conjunction with a marble fireplace surround. A lot of models are stand-alone pieces that can be installed in any part of the house. 

Color Trends

Warm Creams

We’re seeing a lot of warm, natural, earthy tones this year, with warm creams leading the pack. These colors can give your space a more grounded feel. 


Aside from being timeless, blue-gray is also calming. Interior walls and accents in this color are going to be huge for the rest of the year and beyond. 

Warm Pastels

Many homeowners are choosing pastels with warm, earthy undertones. You can try mixing and matching combinations of spring and autumn colors in your space. 

Deep Avocado Green

Make your space cozier with velvety, deep avocado green walls. This color looks great no matter the size of the room. Also, it pairs well with nearly all colors, so you won’t have to worry about clashing decor or furniture pieces. 

Dusty Teal

You can combine dusty teal with a lot of colors, such as rust, navy and peach. This color is deep and calming at the same time. 

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