Want To Mix Metals? Here Are a Few Design Ideas

Mixing metals in home décor has transitioned from a design no-no to an aesthetically pleasing strategy that can add depth, contrast, and a curated feel to any space. This is particularly relevant in spaces like kitchens and bathrooms, where fixtures and hardware play a significant role in the overall look and feel. Local kitchen and bathroom remodeler DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Schaumburg is well acquainted with the transformative power of mixing metals, employing this strategy to elevate the design of many homes.

Three Simple Rules To Follow

Maintaining balance and cohesion is imperative when integrating multiple metal finishes in your design scheme. Check out these following guidelines, drawn from the wisdom of interior design experts:

  1. Choose No More Than Three Metals Per Room. The secret to a harmonious mix lies in restraint. Limiting your palette to a maximum of three metals ensures that the space feels thoughtfully composed rather than haphazard. For smaller rooms or spaces like bathrooms, consider narrowing down your choice to two metals to prevent the area from feeling cluttered.
  2. Pick Complementary Metal Colors for Your Style. Matching the metal colors’ undertones to the style of your space is vital. For instance, brass and nickel, which have warm undertones, fit beautifully within traditional decor. In contrast, cooler metals like chrome and silver are more suited to modern and minimalist aesthetics.
  3. Group Items by Function. An effective way to create cohesion when mixing metals is grouping by function, ensuring all fixtures of the same function share the same finish. For instance, all plumbing fixtures can carry one metal finish, while cabinetry hardware and lighting fixtures introduce another.

Mixing Metals in the Bathroom

Bathrooms are ideal areas for experimenting with mixed metals. Here, the combination of finishes adds visual interest and breaks the monotony often seen in monochromatic designs. As a professional bathroom contractor, we encourage homeowners to consider a dominant metal for fixtures such as faucets and showerheads, using accent metals for cabinet hardware, lighting fixtures, and accessories. This method allows for a cohesive yet visually compelling environment.

Finishing Touches

When venturing into mixing metals, remember to consider the overall color scheme and lighting of the room, as these elements can significantly affect how the finishes appear. In places with varied lighting conditions, from the natural light flooding in through large windows to the more controlled ambiance of interior lighting, metals can take on different hues and intensities. Testing your metal finishes under different lighting conditions can ensure they harmonize as intended.

Let’s Start a Conversation!

Incorporating mixed metals into your home’s design brings a level of sophistication and personalization that reflects the latest in home decor trends. Whether redesigning a kitchen or bathroom, incorporating this design principle can elevate the space from ordinary to exceptional.

As a top choice when searching “bathroom contractor near me” online, DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Schaumburg is dedicated to creating beautifully layered spaces that resonate with homeowners’ styles and preferences. Mixing metals is just one of many strategies we employ to achieve such outcomes! Call us at (847) 973-5097 to get started on your interior remodeling project. You can also visit our website and fill out our convenient online form. We serve residents in Palatine, Hoffman Estates, and the neighboring areas. 

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