Factors That Can Affect Your Bathroom Remodel Timeline

When it comes to remodeling, even the best-laid plans seldom get executed on the dot. However, arranging your plans with the assistance of a reputable “bathroom remodeler near me” will go a long way towards making a schedule that you can count on. 

Factors Affecting Completion of a Bathroom Remodel

A variety of factors will influence when your bathroom remodel wraps up. Here are factors to consider:

  • Is the job a full gut or a cosmetic remodel? Depending on the nature of the bathroom renovation, the work can take as little as a day or weeks to complete. This includes the planning, execution and cleanup.
  • Are you doing it yourself or hiring a remodeling contractor? A bathroom remodel is complex, especially if it is a strip-to-the-studs rebuild, so opting to do all the work yourself can lead to a much longer completion time.
  • Are all the materials readily available when the bathroom estimate is accepted or are you dealing with special-order items that may make you wait on delivery? Shipping of imported porcelain tiles, for example, can put off a remodel for several weeks.
  • What materials are you working with? The choice of materials also affects the remodel timeline. Different flooring materials such as marble, ceramic and porcelain have their own installation requirements. 
  • Are you installing complex features? If you are doing a full-on remodel and want your shower and other fixtures connected to smart home controls, it means additional wiring will have to be installed.

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