How to Update a Shaker Kitchen While Maintaining Its Charm

Shaker kitchens are functional, elegant and enduring. This style has been beloved for decades due to its classic appeal and efficiency. You can add a modern touch to a Shaker space without sacrificing its charm. A trusted kitchen remodeler shares how.

Blend Styles for a Modern Twist

You can give your Shaker kitchen a refresh by mixing different styles. The contrast between modern and traditional elements can create a dynamic space. For instance, you can incorporate sleek, contemporary cabinetry with traditional Shaker units for added visual interest. To achieve a modern yet timeless look, combine minimalist hardware with well-loved Shaker cabinets.

Update With Contemporary Hardware

The hardware in your kitchen can define its overall aesthetic. Swapping traditional knobs and pulls with clean-lined ones can breathe new life into your space. Matte finishes or brushed metals offer a subtle nod to the contemporary without overwhelming the Shaker kitchen’s understated elegance.

Use Natural Materials

Natural materials can give more texture and warmth to your kitchen. Cork backsplash, recycled plastic countertops and other natural materials can complement the simplicity of Shaker cabinets. They can help you create an inviting and sustainable kitchen environment. 

Be Bold With Your Choice of Color

Don’t be afraid to use striking hues in your kitchen. Shaker kitchens traditionally lean towards neutral palettes, but introducing bold or dark colors can create depth and contrast. Consider painting your cabinets in contemporary and sophisticated shades like deep forest green or rich navy. An experienced kitchen contractor can help you select hues that will elevate the heart of your home. 

Integrate Open Shelving

A trend gaining traction in kitchen design is replacing some upper cabinets with open shelving. It can open up your space, making it appear larger and brighter. Open shelving will also allow you to display your precious kitchenware, cookbooks and decorative pieces.

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