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Three Additional Ways to Utilize Your Home Office

Considering creating an office space in your home, but not sure if it’s worth it or not? Here are a few ways to utilize your home office outside of the 9 – 5. A Guest Room Running short on space? No problem. Murphy beds are space-saving and functional options. A few decor details can transform your office space to a comfortable bedroom for visiting friends and family. The addition of[...]

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DreamMaker Virtual Modified Process

Many of our neighbors are wanting to know how they can work with us during this time. Some are asking how they can work with us virtually to start their remodeling journey. Others are wanting to know how they will transition from virtual design review and talk about construction start dates. To make it as easy as possible for you to learn how you can still work with DreamMaker during[...]

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Should You Invest in a Jetted Tub?

Spas are a great stress reliever; unfortunately, they’re also pricey. An alternative is bringing the spa to your home with a jetted tub installation. This is a renovation that gives the bathroom the function and look of a hotel-quality spa. We’ll outline the benefits, and a few drawbacks, of a jetted tub. You can be the final judge of whether this addition is right for your home. The Benefits of Jetted Tubs The benefit[...]

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Three Summer-Inspired Kitchen Design Ideas

Popular summer-inspired kitchen design ideasinclude coastal influences. We’ll show you how to achieve this look even if you live nowhere near the coastline. This type of kitchen remodel also works as a year-round appearance.  Bright Colors Coastal design ideas utilize a lot of bright colors. Aim for hues like teal, soft pink, light beige, and sea foam green. For the kitchen backsplash, consider wallpaper with these colors, and perhaps designs of seashells, lifesavers,[...]

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Four Design Ideas for a Transitional Kitchen

A transitional kitchen is somewhat hard to define. Even contractors in the industry use the term loosely. The term usually describes a contemporary kitchen that incorporates some traditional design elements, or vice versa. We’ll list some ideas that blend a modern backdrop with classical focal pieces. 1. Incorporate Out-of-the-Box Designs Experiment with design schemes that one would not expect in a kitchen. For example, instead of wood or tile for the[...]

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Historic Home Renovation—Maintain Old-Time Charm with Modern Amenities

The Huntsville area is home to many modern structures and facilities. However, some properties are older, from the 1970s, 1960s, 1950s, and even turn of the century. These homes have the charm of their respective time periods. You can invest in a historic home renovation, so that your home retains its original look while updating it with modern technology. Older Homes Require an Update Older homes have seen several decades[...]

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Add a Breakfast Nook to Your Kitchen

With the New Year come opportunities for home makeovers. If you’re focusing on the kitchen, then we recommend incorporating a breakfast nook. This is a great idea for homes that lack room for a formal dining space. We’ll share some ideas for adding an eating nook while preserving space. Consider These Breakfast Nook Ideas 1. Add a Tulip Table A tulip table has a slim base, providing ample room for multiple or[...]

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Design Ideas for a Pink Bathroom

We realize that a nearly all pink bathroom may not sit well with some of the men in the household. However, this design scheme may work well for a girl’s in-bedroom bathroom. A redesigned bathroom just might encourage your young daughter to take pride in her room as a whole. Four Pink Bathroom Designs 1. Pink Vanity A pink vanity is certainly a bold move. This certainly makes a statement. Since pink is such[...]

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Give Your Kitchen a 1950s Makeover

The 1950s evoke a lot of images, such as jukeboxes, poodle skirts, and the greaser look. Since this era is so noteworthy in American history, why not incorporate a 1950s kitchen makeover? Take this part of your room back in time to an iconic period. Stylish 1950s Kitchen Makeover Ideas Use Bright Colors: Neutral colors are the safe and popular choice. However, bright colors were the norm in a 1950s kitchen.[...]

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Dining Table or Kitchen Island? Which Should You Choose?

Both a dining table and kitchen island are useful for kitchens large enough to accommodate either one. With that in mind, which is the better option? We’ll weigh the pros and cons to help you make a decision when renovating your kitchen space. Dining Table Vs. Kitchen Island In our experience, homeowners tend to lean towards a kitchen island. While more expensive, they find it to be a more functional investment. After all, with[...]

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