How to Refresh Your Shaker Kitchen

Shaker-style kitchens are celebrated for their timeless appeal that beautifully marries classic and contemporary design. This design ethos, characterized by its simplicity, functionality, and emphasis on craftsmanship, has endured through the decades. However, even the most classic designs can benefit from an update to keep them feeling fresh and modern without detracting from their inherent charm. 

Read on as DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Huntsville, a trusted kitchen remodeler, explores how to blend the timeless charm of a Shaker kitchen with contemporary design trends. 

Tips to Keep in Mind

Upgrade to a Contemporary Cabinet Hardware

Updating the hardware on Shaker cabinets is a quick and impactful way to refresh the look. Modern hardware choices can redefine a kitchen’s aesthetic, shifting it from traditional to contemporary with minimal effort. Opt for sleek, minimalist pulls or knobs in matte finishes to add a touch of modern sophistication. This contrast between the timeless Shaker cabinetry and contemporary hardware injects a fresh dynamic into the kitchen’s design.

Introduce Glass Fronts to Wall Cabinets

To subtly deviate from the traditional Shaker style without losing its essence, consider incorporating glass fronts to some of the wall cabinets. This introduces a new texture and visual interest, allowing for the display of beautiful dishware or decorative pieces. It also helps to lighten the space, making it appear more open and airy. Consult a contractor near me to choose the right glass fronts for your kitchen.

Opt for a Mix of Materials

A compelling way to update a Shaker kitchen is to blend a variety of materials, marrying the old with the new. Incorporate elements like a quartz or granite countertop with reclaimed wood accents or a striking marble backsplash. This creates a rich tapestry of textures that enhances the kitchen’s depth and brings a contemporary feel to the timeless Shaker design. The juxtaposition of modern materials with the classic silhouette of Shaker cabinetry speaks to a nuanced understanding of design that is both sophisticated and grounded in functionality. 

Lean Into Farmhouse Accents

Incorporating farmhouse design elements can add warmth and character to a Shaker kitchen, making it feel both refined and welcoming. Consider adding a farmhouse sink, butcher block counters or rustic open shelving. These elements introduce a tactile, lived-in quality to the kitchen, ensuring it feels inviting and homely while remaining stylish and timeless. 

Paint Cabinetry in Current Hues

A straightforward way to update your Shaker kitchen is with paint. Selecting a contemporary hue for cabinetry can transform the space. While classic white is always in vogue, consider bold or unexpected colors to inject personality. Deep blues, warm grays or even vibrant greens can modernize the Shaker cabinets while honoring their classic design. This approach offers a way to personalize your kitchen in a manner that’s both impactful and reversible.

Let’s Start a Conversation!

Looking for a reliable kitchen contractor who can update your Shaker kitchen? DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Huntsville is here to help you incorporate modern elements that complement the Shaker aesthetic for a timeless and modern kitchen. Call us at (256) 670-1834 or complete our contact form to schedule a consultation. We serve homeowners in Meridianville, Moores Mill, Redstone Arsenal and surrounding areas.

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