How to Bring More Natural Light Into Your Bathroom

More and more homeowners are realizing the amazing benefits of natural light. But how do you go about bringing more of it in your bathroom? That’s where an experienced bathroom remodeler like DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Huntsville steps in. We’re experts in capturing natural light and giving your bathroom the cozy, inviting glow you crave.

Ways to Draw More Natural Light Into Your Bathroom

The following are some of the effective ways to harness sunlight in your bathroom and make the space more open and inviting:

  • Clear Glass or Frosted Windows. Clear glass windows let sunlight flood the bathroom, brightening and opening it up. However, frosted glass diffuses natural light while maintaining privacy. Both solutions blend privacy and illumination, making your bathroom a cozy, well-lit refuge.
  • Light-Colored Surfaces. Light-colored bathroom surfaces help boost the brightness of the space during the daytime by reflecting sunlight. Choose light-colored tiles, paint, and accessories. Light colors and glossy surfaces make the bathroom feel cleaner and fresher, making it a cheerful place to start the day.
  • Simple Window Treatments. Optimizing bathroom natural light requires light, simple window coverings. Sheer curtains or light blinds can disperse harsh sunlight and provide privacy without blocking natural light. A bathroom contractor suggests avoiding dark drapes that obstruct sunlight and make the bathroom feel smaller.
  • Skylights or Sun Tunnels. Skylights and sun tunnels provide ample natural light the same way typical windows do. Skylights are installed in the ceiling to let the sunshine in and open up the room. Sun tunnels, often called solar tubes or light tubes, feed sunlight from the roof through a reflecting tube to the bathroom, providing natural light without compromising privacy. 
  • Strategic Mirrors. Bathroom mirrors can also boost natural light. Placing mirrors on opposite windows or other light sources brightens the area and makes it look open and airy, turning the space into a bright, relaxing haven.

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Looking for a reliable bathroom company? Search “bathroom contractor near me” online and you’ll find the name DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Huntsville. As the go-to remodeler in Owens Cross Roads, Gurley, Triana, Meridianville, Moores Mill, Redstone Arsenal, Harvest and Hazel Green, we are committed to guiding you through every step of the remodeling process. We’ll take your needs and budget into account to realize your dream of a bright, sunlit bathroom. Call us at (256) 670-1834, or complete our online form.

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