6 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Your Personal Spa

The words “oasis” and “sanctuary” are often used to describe bathrooms, and they’ve never been more appropriate when a spa-like experience is put into the equation. A combination of planned bathroom remodel and some choice pieces can help create a spa in your own home. DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Huntsville takes a look at the ways that can contribute to creating your own bathroom spa.

  1. Decorate using natural elements. Fresh or dried flowers, natural stones and foliage can help create a warm atmosphere. Strong visuals of landscaping combined with light colors on walls and surfaces make for a tranquil environment.
  2. Create tranquility with color. The room’s color palette dictates the room’s “mood,” which makes it a crucial design element. To create a spa-like atmosphere, choose  colors with a muted, tranquil feel. Shades of blue are go-to colors, but don’t forget that warm shades such as peach, light green or cream can also impart a calming effect within your bathroom.
  3. Keep the bathroom organized. Clutter can take away the feel of a calm environment. This is why it’s important not to overlook storage and organization when planning a bathroom renovation. Just as important is making sure that you regularly declutter your bathroom to maintain the spa-like environment — cleaning and organizing in small bursts is much easier than doing major ones yearly.
  4. Keep a supply of fluffy towels. It wouldn’t be a spa-like experience without soft and luxurious towels at the end. Invest in quality fluffy towels and make sure to have spare ones in the cabinets.
  5. Buy quality self-care toiletries. The toiletries in a spa are quite a few steps from the ones most people use at home, which means you’ll need to be more selective when shopping for bathroom products. Soaps and shampoo with clean fragrances, facial cleansers and moisturizers can add extra luster to your relaxation routine.
  6. Install a sound system. There are several studies that point to how certain frequencies, as well as tempos and instrumentation, help induce relaxation and even sleep. You’ll need a speaker system that can reproduce such frequencies, which has to be installed correctly to ensure water resistance, as well as compatibility with your music player of choice.

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