Planning Tips for a Successful Garage Conversion

Have plenty of floor space but not enough living space? A garage conversion can be a handy way of increasing the amount of living space in your home. Compared to other home additions, garage conversions can be finished within a shorter timeframe because they repurpose part of an existing structure instead of adding a new one to your home. 

Here are some planning tips for a successful garage conversion! 

Ensure Enough Storage Space

Before planning a garage conversion, make sure there’s enough extra space in your home to relocate the things in your garage and you have a place where you can park your car. And if you don’t have a lot of storage space? There’s always the option of doing a partial garage conversion. 

Think About the Function of Your New Living Space

Most homeowners prefer converting their garage into a new living space, but there are other options as well. Consider converting your garage into a dedicated office space, a home gym or a playroom for the kids.

Do Your Research

Once you figure out what you’re going to use the new space for, do your research on the features the space needs and how you can maximize the return on your investment. Here’s an overview of some of the things you need to consider: 

  • Insulation system – The garage typically isn’t the most comfortable room in your home, so you need to make sure it has insulation to prevent the converted space from becoming uncomfortably warm in summer. 
  • HVAC system – The converted garage will be linked to your HVAC system, but does your HVAC system have enough capacity to heat and cool an additional room?  
  • Flooring – Plain concrete will be covered with a moisture barrier before new flooring is installed. Tile, carpet and hardwood flooring are some of the most popular options. 
  • Plumbing – You’ll need to consider plumbing costs if you’re thinking of adding a wet bar, kitchen, bathroom or sink to your converted garage. 

Check the Local Building Codes

Your local building authority will have restrictions on what you can and can’t remodel, so it’s best to consult a local interior remodeling contractor. Since they’re familiar with the local building codes and climate, they can make better recommendations. 

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