What to Keep in a Home Renovation Binder

One way to stay on track with home renovations is by keeping a binder. You can also store files digitally, but this binder is helpful when making major decisions and changes in your home. By staying organized, you can minimize the feeling of being overwhelmed with a remodeling project.   

Read on to discover things that you should include in your home renovation binder. 


In the budget section of your binder, include a list of all renovation costs. Here you can make a list of the things you need and want. Doing so can help you prioritize in case something costs more than initially predicted. 

Proposals & Contracts

Major home renovations include hiring remodeling contractors and various professionals. By keeping all estimates, bids, proposals and contracts in one place, you can easily review these documents should you need to review prices and business specifics. 

Contractors & Vendors

In this category of your binder, list all the names of the professionals you hire, including their addresses, contact numbers and email addresses. 

Floor Plans

Keep your existing and proposed floor plans with elevations and measurements in this section of your binder. You can also include a descriptive step-by-step project plan with a list of renovation plans. Make sure to hand your contractor a copy of these plans. 

Local Regulations & Requirements

Your renovation project may require getting permission from your city or historic district. We recommend printing and keeping a copy of these local rules and regulations. 


A reliable contractor should handle the submission of permit applications for your projects. Many cities let you check the status of your application. Once approved, your contractor will get them and post them at the construction site. You should also have a copy for your records.

Home Design

You may need a separate binder for this category if you’re renovating your entire home. Here, you can keep sample products, photos, design notes and magazine clippings. 


In this category, you’ll keep all the notes you make during the project. They can be notes about your home’s design, information about your timeline or upcoming meetings with your contractors. 

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