Dos and Don’ts of a Good Bathroom Layout

Success in creating a lovely and functional bathroom hinges on this one fact: the space should have a good layout. A good layout is the foundation of an effective bathroom design. Your space will be safer and easier to navigate while also allowing you to choose features and optional additions that best suit your style needs Let the premier home remodel company in the area, DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Greenville, lay out a few handy dos and don’ts for planning a good bathroom layout. 

DO make sure the fixtures are sized right.

When choosing a new tub, vanity, or shower for your bathroom, make sure that it’s scaled just right. Pick something too large and the room will look and feel cramped. You’ll want to walk across your bathroom without bumping against or needing to squeeze between anything. And when the new fixtures are correctly sized, cleaning around them becomes much easy.

DON’T make the toilet the first thing you see.

The toilet is an integral component of any bathroom, just not from a visual standpoint. Have your bathroom remodel company tuck the toilet out of sight in one corner so the door doesn’t open to a direct view of it. This can be done with a well-designed screen or a solid partition. If space allows for it, create an alcove in the bathroom just for the toilet should also work.

DO separate the toilet and sink from the shower and tub.

If you have a shared bathroom, keep the shower and tub separate from the sink and toilet. A solid divider between the ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ areas allows a person to bathe in relative privacy while leaving the toilet and sink free for anyone who urgently needs them. To prevent long queues in the bathroom altogether, you should consider having another powder room built so everyone can get ready at their own pace.

DON’T forget about natural light.

Take access to natural light into account when planning your bathroom layout. Try positioning key components like the vanity, mirror, and sink near the windows. This provides you with a handy light source that makes specific tasks, such as shaving or putting on makeup, simple to do. As an added benefit, ample access to sunlight can help you save energy on artificial lighting, while also helping create a friendlier and more spacious feel to your bathroom.

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