What You Need to Know About Modern Coastal Interior Design

Modern coastal style is ideal for those who prefer clutter-free, calming spaces. You don’t need to live on the beach to achieve a feeling of being near the water. With the help of skilled remodeling contractors, you can bring beach vibes into your home! Here are the key principles of modern coastal interior designs as well as tips to achieve this style. 

Light Color Palette

Coastal home decor is light, fuss-free and airy. The main color is white, from ceilings and walls to furniture. To add more depth to your space, you can use color accents such as strong blue or gray. Blue and gray add a beautiful contrast while white gives your interior a calming feel. 

Natural Materials

Home remodeling experts suggest going for natural materials instead of synthetics for your modern coastal space. Materials such as cotton, jute and wood give a room instant coziness. Another material to consider is driftwood, even if just used in small furniture pieces. 

Abundant Lighting

The more natural light, the better when it comes to modern coastal interior design. Allow as much natural light as you can through windows by using sheer drapes or curtains, so there’s still plenty of light even with closed curtains. If you lack windows in your home, you can use mirrors to reflect sunlight. 

A Relaxing Bathroom

A straightforward color scheme, natural materials and abundant natural lighting will help you achieve a relaxing space. An all-white color palette will give the look and feel of a spa. If you want to add more color, consider blue-green walls with white wood paneling. Choose a circular mirror for your sink or a nautical porthole mirror beside your tub. 

Cozy Linen Furniture

Modern coastal design has a casual feel, making cotton and linen must-haves. Imagine spending lazy summer afternoons on the porch on a daybed with soft, comfy textures. Slipcovers are ideal for families because they are comfortable and also easy to clean. 

Open Plan Layout

Create a breezy ambiance in your beach-inspired space with an open floor plan. This kind of layout is great for seamlessly connecting the living room, dining room and kitchen. You can use modern beach house decor to bring larger areas together and give them a unified look. 

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