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Kitchen Remodeling: Creating a Cozy Retreat

Do you want a kitchen that welcomes you home after a long day? DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Colorado Springs creates kitchens full of love, warmth, and comfort, and can hold the best memories. Read on to find out how a well-thought-out design, a splash of your personal style, and the professional remodeling services of a trusted "kitchen remodeler near me" can transform your kitchen into the ultimate cozy retreat.[...]

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Design Tips for Creating a Functional Eat-in Kitchen

Dreaming of a kitchen where you can cook, dine and spend quality time with loved ones? An eat-in kitchen might be perfect for you. In this post, we explore what this cooking space is all about, how you can create one and how a professional remodeler can help lessen the stress during the remodeling process. (more…)

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What Does a Traditional Kitchen Look Like?

Are you dreaming of a kitchen that radiates warmth, comfort and a timeless style? You might be picturing a traditional kitchen! This kitchen style can fill the heart of your home with classic charm and a welcoming atmosphere. But what exactly is a traditional kitchen? A premier kitchen remodeler delves into the defining features of this popular design.  (more…)

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Tips to Achieve a Minimalist Kitchen Design

The minimalist design is characterized by simplicity and functionality, doing away with clutter and constant distractions. Adopting this concept in designing a kitchen helps enhance the aesthetics of the space, promote efficiency and a sense of calm. As the trusted kitchen remodel expert in Colorado Springs, we share tips to keep in mind when creating a minimalist kitchen that exudes elegance and practicality. (more…)

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