6 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing a Small Bathroom

Designing small bathrooms comes with a unique set of challenges. You want to maximize every square inch of space, enhance style and improve functionality. Even with limited room, your bathroom will stand out when thoughtfully designed. 

Before getting a bathroom quote or hiring a contractor, take note of these six common remodeling mistakes. 

Common Small Bathroom Design Mistakes

1. Not Prioritizing Storage

Underestimating the need for storage is a typical mistake in small bathroom design. You must be creative when deciding where to keep towels, toiletries and cleaning supplies in tight spaces. Built-in cabinets and floating shelves can help avoid clutter and free up precious floor space. 

2. Sacrificing Functionality for Style 

While aesthetics are important, functionality should never take a backseat in bathroom design. Consider what features you need and let go of unnecessary ones. Make room for elements that enhance your space’s functionality. For instance, you can reduce your vanity’s size for a more expansive shower or additional storage. Let your remodeler know about the features you’re interested in so they can provide you with a more accurate bathroom cost estimate. 

3. Playing It Too Safe

Small bathrooms and powder rooms present an excellent opportunity to make a bold design statement. You can express your creativity in your bathroom, whether it’s through vibrant wallpaper, striking hues or unique tile work.  

4. Choosing the Wrong Tiles

Tiles can affect the look and feel of your bathroom. You must carefully choose yours because the wrong size or material can impact your space’s appeal. Moreover, medium-sized tiles can help create the illusion of a larger space. 

5. Insufficient Ventilation 

Ventilation is crucial for spaces constantly exposed to moisture, like bathrooms and kitchens. Excessive heat and humidity can encourage mold growth and increase the likelihood of rot. A high-quality exhaust fan is essential for maintaining a healthy environment. It can also contribute to the longevity of bathroom fixtures and finishes. 

6. Not Hiring Professionals

Regardless of the size of your bathroom, you must hire reliable professionals for your remodeling project. Our team at DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Colorado Springs can provide valuable insights, help you select the right materials and save you from costly mistakes. We’re experienced in revamping bathrooms of all sizes, ensuring your project is executed flawlessly. 

Let’s Start a Conversation!

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