What Are the Do’s and Don’ts of Designing a Powder Room?

While small, a powder room holds enormous potential for expressing creativity and making a great impression on guests. It’s a practical and stylish solution for large families and people who often have friends over. Unlike typical bathrooms, it lacks a shower or bath area and only contains a vanity and toilet. 

There’s more to remodeling a powder room than deciding on a color palette, choosing fixtures and getting bathroom cost estimates. Here are things you should do and avoid to design a charming and functional space. 

What Should You Do When Designing a Powder Room?

Make It Practical

Your powder room could just be as busy as your main bathroom. Keep it stocked with toilet paper, soaps and hand towels. Incorporate space-saving solutions, such as a wall-mounted sink or toilet and open shelving. Organize toiletries and linens in classy containers. Vanity cabinets are ideal for hiding items that don’t go well with the room’s aesthetic. 

Good Lighting Is Essential

Statement lighting fixtures are a must in powder rooms. Choose a chic overhead light for general illumination and place sconces that complement it on either side of the mirror to eliminate shadows. Combining different types of lighting will ensure the space is safe and looks balanced. 

Add Eye-Catching Elements 

Moisture isn’t much of an issue in a powder room than in a full bathroom. It’s why it’s the ideal place to try out stunning wallpaper and bold paint colors. Dark colors won’t make the room feel tight as long as it has sufficient illumination. 

What Should You Avoid?

Not Choosing Quality Plumbing Fixtures

Avoid cutting corners in your vanity, toilet and faucet. High-quality plumbing doesn’t only last longer but can also create a more luxurious experience for guests. If you need help choosing elegant and timeless pieces for your space, get assistance from an experienced remodeler. They’ll present options that meet your style and provide an accurate bathroom quote

Using the Powder Room as Storage

Clutter is the last thing you want in your powder room. It’s not the place to keep large cleaning supplies and your visitors’ coats. Only keep necessary items since this area only has limited square footage. 

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