Designer Tips for Creating a Cottage-Style Kitchen

The cottage-style interior design, inspired by the English cottages of the 19th century creates a soft and cozy atmosphere featuring palatable patterns, colors, and accents. Much of the charm of this interior style comes from a familiar and lived-in space, incorporating a hodgepodge of vintage furniture and decor. To help you create the quintessential cottage-style kitchen, a premier kitchen contractor shares some tips and tricks here. 

Small-Pane Doors and Windows

A light, airy feel reminiscent of the countryside is the key to a cottage-inspired kitchen. If privacy is not the utmost concern, consider installing an abundance of paned glass throughout the space. For upper cabinets, switch from conventional doors to glass-front units. If you want to keep some items out of sight, hang curtains inside the door.

Wood Flooring

Nothing screams rustic farmhouse than wide-plank wood flooring. Whether you prefer a stained or natural finish, consult a professional so the floors can stand up to the foot traffic in the kitchen and occasional spills. 


Feel free to use beadboards — flat planks with one or two semi-circular raised ridges — in a cottage-style kitchen. Beadboards look excellent on ceilings, walls, and cabinets. Complete the look by adding a fresh lick of bright white paint to the surfaces.

Cushioned Seating

Comfort is the hallmark of cottage-style spaces. A kitchen remodeler recommends using a slipcovered sofa or incorporating floral fabrics into the seating area to make it look casual and shabby.


It makes sense to use wicker, the oldest method of furniture making, in a cottage kitchen. Natural wicker on your open shelves and counter stools to evoke a sense of nature in your kitchen. You can also spray paint it white to achieve a clean and classic look.

Nature Colors

Furnishings in cottages are often white — from whitewashed cabinets to slipcovered sofas — to make the room feel airy and bright. But do not hesitate to take it up a notch with pops of vibrant colors. For example, cottage-style homes near the coast have a primary palette consisting of blues and yellows. These simplistic hues are easy on the eye and are neither too pale nor too intense.

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