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Rethink Your Space: Popular Room Conversion Ideas

Waste not, want not! We hear this said a lot about money, but it also applies to space.

Here’s a situation we often see at DreamMaker: a client comes to us saying their home feels cramped. But during the home survey, we find that they’ve got a lot of unused square footage. Doesn’t add up, does it? That’s because the problem isn’t so much the lack of space as it is the lack of utilization. It’s a functional mismatch.

The solution? Change the narrative around these wasted spaces—or, as we like to call them, “bonus” spaces!

How to Reclaim Your Bonus Spaces

  • Attic. An unused attic can be transformed into a bright and airy art or music studio. They also make great private retreats for older kids and teenagers.

  • Basement. Finished basements are excellent spaces to house home gyms, media centers, game rooms and wine cellars. If yours has a separate entrance, check municipal bylaws. You may even be able to convert it into an in-law or rental suite.

  • Dining room. If your formal dining room only gets used at the holidays, give the space a second life as a home office, playroom or study.

  • Extra bedroom. Walk-in closets, small bathrooms or master bath expansions are common goals for bedroom renovation projects involving rooms off the main level.

  • Main-level room. The convenience of underused ground-floor rooms make them suitable for housing utility rooms, workshops and hobby rooms.

  • Space under stairs. This is another convenient space you don’t want to waste! We suggest built-in storage like coat closets and pantries. These spaces are also great for mudrooms, open reading nooks and pet stations.

Bring Out Your Home’s Potential with DreamMaker

DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Central Ohio can help you rethink your space and get the most out of every square foot. We do general interior renovations, cabinet remodeling, kitchen and bath upgrades, and more! Schedule a visit to our design center by filling out our contact form or talk to us today at (801) 203-3307. We’re excited to work with you!

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