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Tips on Achieving the Modern Farmhouse Style

What is modern farmhouse style? It takes aspects from the traditional farmhouse, then adds a number of elements to give the look a bit of a modern twist. Here are some of the features that define this style. (more…)

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Why Are Hardwood Floors So Popular Among Homeowners?

The National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA), in a recent survey, claims that wood flooring once again is at the head of the class when it comes to homeowner flooring preferences. According to the survey, nearly 70 percent of homeowners say that wood flooring is attractive (compared with 46 percent for the next flooring type, tile), which is why it’s currently a huge favorite for flooring in kitchen remodel design. Homeowners also[...]

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Why Homeowners Should Avoid Pinterest House Syndrome

Pinterest is a valuable home design resource when used properly. Some homeowners peruse Pinterest during their renovation and then suddenly change their plans. They now want to follow the latest and most talked-about trends on Pinterest without thinking about the big picture. Today, we’ll talk about “Pinterest House syndrome” and explain what you need to avoid. (more…)

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It’s Not Too Late—Upgrade Your Kitchen or Bath in Time for the Holidays

Is this year your turn to host your family’s holiday gathering? If so, you may be looking around your home and finding it a bit drab and outdated. Perhaps your bathroom has fixtures and wallpaper from a few decades past, or your kitchen is too cramped to host guests. (more…)

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