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Black Bathrooms: Trending Elegance

Black is beautiful and when it comes to bathrooms, black is certainly seeing a big resurgence. After years of an all-white period in interior design, black is bringing a chic, more modern feel to the home. Here’s what you can do to make your black bathroom one of the most stunning features in your home. (more…)

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Deciding Between a Pre-Fab Shower Stall & a Tiled Shower

Talking to bathroom contractors helps homeowners gain a better idea of how renovations can be better planned. Before you think of picking out the perfect showerhead or shower tile, you need to first focus on having a long-lasting, leakproof base for your shower. This means starting with a graded mortar slab with a durable waterproof lining that will guide any water that seeps through the cracks directly into the drain. This way,[...]

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Bathroom Design Trends: Wet Room Pros and Cons

The wet room is a bathroom where shower and bath areas are not enclosed with shower screens are there are no shower trays. Evolved from the freestanding tub trend, it features flooring with gradient to ensure all water runs to the drain. (more…)

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Je Ne Sais Quoi: The Appeal of the 1950s Pink Bathroom

Even when they choose to embrace older homes, homeowners usually still lean toward having the baths redone by bathroom remodeling contractors. This is a shame, since old homes have features that give them such a unique character -- and it’s especially tragic when these features are original to the house. One thing that has never really gone out of style is the iconic pink bathroom of the 50s. (more…)

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Design SOS: Windowless Bathrooms

A small space can pose considerable design challenges. This is particularly true for the bathroom. One of the elements that you may have to forgo when remodeling a tiny bathroom are the windows. (more…)

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Clearing Up Common Misconceptions About Bidets

Bidets often get a bad rap because most people aren’t used to them. Today, we will tackle some of the most common misconceptions about this bathroom fixture. (more…)

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What Makes a Bathroom Kid-Friendly?

Having growing kids often means making some necessary adjustments at home. This includes making sure that every room in your home is child-friendly, particularly the bathrooms. (more…)

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Holiday Crunch Time: 6 Quick Bathroom Updates

The year is winding down and all across America, homeowners are preparing to welcome holiday guests to their home. This puts a spotlight on what might be the most-used room in the home: the bathroom. (more…)

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Powder Room vs. Bathroom: What’s the Difference?

While checking out different home remodeling trends online, you’ve probably encountered terms like full bath, half-bath, bathroom and powder room. You know what the bathroom is, but what do the rest of these terms mean? (more…)

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