Why the White Kitchen Trend Is Here to Stay

Home remodeling trends come and go, but not white kitchens! They have been a leading choice for many years and are only getting more popular. The white kitchen has even gained the status of “timeless” among many designers. Read on to learn why homeowners and remodelers love white kitchens. 

The Psychological Side

The color white is strongly associated with the idea of freshness and cleanliness. According to color therapists, white inspires thoughts of innocence, purity and happiness. Aside from the bathroom, the kitchen is one part of the house that people want to keep clean. With a white kitchen, you can easily spot and clean any mess.

The Design Benefits

Another reason white is very popular is because of its flexibility. You can easily pair white with other colors and design elements. No matter what accent colors your home has, white won’t clash. It also reflects light and makes small kitchens appear bigger. 

This color allows other elements in a room to stand out. If you have bold-colored walls, consider adding a stretch of white cabinet doors in your next kitchen remodeling project. Even if your style changes over the years or you decide to change other features of your kitchen, these white cabinets will still work well with the design. 

Your kitchen doesn’t have to be all white. You can add stainless steel or black appliances in a white kitchen. However, make sure that the elements are in balance. You don’t want one element to overpower another. You can also integrate other popular finishes with your white kitchen. For instance, wood flooring and glass-front upper cabinets would look great in a white kitchen. 

The Resale Advantage

According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s annual survey, white consistently tops the list of the most popular kitchen hues. When you select this color, you won’t have to question the marketability of your home. Future buyers are less likely to want to remodel a white kitchen. 

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