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Timeless Beauty

Project Name
Timeless Beauty
Project Summary
The primary purpose for this kitchen remodel was to maximize the use of the existing space and to make it more efficient and pleasant to work, live and move in, as well as to modernize and update the kitchen. The goal was to redesign and update the old and segmented layout to make an open space concept with more efficient use of very small and cramped areas, such as countertop, cabinetry and walking floor space. We also worked to bring the style of the kitchen into the 21st century while preserving the quaint feel of the era the home was originally built in, 80 years ago.
Project Story
These homeowners were in desperate need of a kitchen update - their previous kitchen area was small and cramped with inefficient walls and tiny rooms with lack of counter space and storage. Floor space was taken up by walls, appliances, and tables, leaving the room with little maneuvering space. Our solution was to remove all inner kitchen walls to make way for an open galley-shaped floor plan that allowed for maximum usable countertop, floor, and cabinetry space along with open window viewing. To create more storage and prep space, we removed windows and the sink corner and replaced that corner with a food prep area. The clients wanted to update their kitchen while keeping a feel for the original era of the 80 year old home, so we chose materials that were modern yet classically traditional, lending a sense of antiquity. Some of these materials used are the farmhouse sink, subway backsplash tile, shaker style cabinetry, and quaint paneled windows. Warm lighting adds ambiance to a heavy duty range/stove with red dial knobs and a stainless steel hood, creating a glowing, classic focal point for the area. The result is a modern, beautiful, classy kitchen with updated materials reflecting the original era of the home. Unnecessary walls are gone and the small kitchen now opens up into the dining room and makes the area feel much larger with open floor space making way for timeless beauty. There is plenty of countertop space, more cabinetry storage, and a built-in desk to help reduce paper clutter. The owners are overjoyed with their brand new modern, timeless, spacious, and gorgeous kitchen!
Project Category
Kitchen Remodeling
Job Category
Contemporary Kitchen
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Walnut Creek
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