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Bedroom Transformed to Bathroom

Project Name
Bedroom Transformed to Bathroom
Project Story
Life-changing events happen all around us, and this middle-aged homeowner went through a major life change when her husband passed away. Among other things, she was left with a very small, outdated master bathroom and bedroom that left her feeling closed-in, depressed, and sad. Her children were on the verge of leaving “the nest”, so the daughter’s bedroom became part of the new design by being the place of the new master bathroom. The original bathroom then became the walk-in closet, expanding the living space of the master suite. The owner needed a tranquil, quiet retreat; a secluded place, all to her own, to unwind and relax in. The old bathroom was in desperate need of an update, as it was so well-worn it would never feel clean, and it was confined and cramped. We opened the walls to the spare bedroom to make it the master bathroom with Cerulean blue walls, repeating floor patterns, backsplash, and dark cabinets that create a peaceful and inviting combination. The highlight of the bathroom is the luxury soaker tub that acts as a relaxing getaway after a long day, the perfect place to soak in warm bubbles by candlelight and enjoy a glass of wine. The open floor concept and low threshold shower add an element of safety and mobility for years to come. Other design features include open decorative shelves, stainless steel faucets, and a sliding barn door entry from the bedroom. This bathroom went from a small, cramped, confined, and outdated area to a well-designed and tranquil, quiet retreat. The end product is a secluded, spacious, and beautiful place for the homeowner to relax and rest.
Project Category
Bathroom Remodeling
Job Category
Master Bath
Services Performed
Walnut Creek
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