The Effect of Wall Color on Your Productivity

Colors don’t only affect our mood, studies say, they also affect productivity. Colors like the dull gray of concrete, as well as beige and white, can induce feelings of sadness and depression, particularly in women. Men are affected in the same way by purple and orange. Interior remodeling contractor DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Tyler understands that colors can affect both mood and productivity. If you want to improve productivity at the office, consider hues that increase output and spark creativity. 

A Rainbow of Emotions

Green and blue, for instance, are restful and calming, and have been found to improve efficiency and focus. Want happier, more effective workers? Go for the low-wavelength shades of green and blue. Green is thought to be balanced and reassuring, while blue is said to stimulate the mind, leading to more productivity. Blue is best used in offices where jobs are repetitive, such as accounting offices where employees need to be focused.

Any which way you look at it, red is an active and intense color that inspires passion. It gets your heart pumping upon sight. Need to draw attention to something? Paint it red. Aside from evoking a sense of urgency, red can stimulate energy levels and physical strength for jobs like construction.

Mellow yellow is considered by color psychologists as the shade of optimism. Thought to trigger innovation and emotion, it’s an energetic and fresh color that inspires creative professionals to put in their best work. Designers, for instance, say yellow stimulates creativity and inspires the design process. Yellow also evokes feelings of happiness and can brighten spirits.

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