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How to Bring the Holiday Spirit Into Your Kitchen

It’s November, and everyone’s feeling the end-of-year time crunch! Like any sane homeowner, the last thing you want to do is add a total kitchen renovation to your holiday to-do list. But if you feel your kitchen needs a facelift and you still have a weekend or two to spare, no worries! You can still give the heart of your home a festive touch with these quick holiday kitchen makeover ideas.

Tips for a Festive Kitchen

  • Food. What’s more fitting in a kitchen than some edible décor? Give your family and guests a treat for the stomach as well as for the eyes with some cleverly arranged seasonal fruit and holiday goodies.

  • The “good” china. You know those fancy dinner sets you’ve got hidden away in case the Queen of England pays you a visit? Put them to good use and make your holidays extra special.

  • Lighting. This season is all about warmth and coziness. Set the mood with candles, dimmer lights or even some holiday lanterns. If you’re lucky enough to have a kitchen fireplace, now’s the time to make it earn its keep.

  • Scents. Most people associate certain scents with this time of year: cinnamon, nutmeg, gingerbread, peppermint, pine… Whatever your favorite, remember that a kitchen is still a space for food prep. Make your room scent decisions accordingly. Great ways to introduce holiday scents into a kitchen include simmer pots, potpourri, and hand and dish soaps.

  • Natural accents. A simple and low-cost way to make the season felt in the kitchen is to bring the outdoors in with wreaths, garlands and other natural arrangements.

  • Holiday ornaments. If you’re not opposed to a bit of kitsch, go ahead and break out the ornaments! Themed rugs, kitchen towels, napkins and table runners work too.

Discover New Possibilities for Your Kitchen

You can make your kitchen feel special any time of the year with a little help from DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of St. Louis Park. If you have something more permanent in mind for your space, feel free to start a conversation with us! We do traditional kitchens, contemporary kitchens, even custom kitchen designs for small spaces.

Contact us at (954) 637-6386 to request a kitchen remodeling estimate or schedule an appointment through our contact form.

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