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Custom Cubby Storage

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Custom Cubby Storage
Project Story
This client approached us after downsizing to a smaller home. The smaller space introduced some challenges. They desperately needed additional storage but were not sure how to create it. Our designer visited their home and realized they had a large, empty wall in their dining room. The designer collaborated with the homeowner and devised a plan to build a unit that would be aesthetically pleasing while also giving them the storage they desired. 

The client liked the idea of banquette seating and adding “softness” to the space with pillows. The banquette would be accessed at the top and would house a large amount of items requiring storage. When we started playing with that design the banquette seemed way too long. We decided to add a protruding wall that would break up the space and add depth. We also added cubbies with LED tape lighting which the homeowner could display her accent pieces and family photos. 

With the help of 3D renderings, we were able to bring the accent wall to life. A unique part of this design was imagined by our field installer. He had a brilliant idea to create small, unnoticeable doors on the side walls below the cubbies so the homeowner could store even more items within the wall. 

At project completion, the clients then hired us to build a custom dining table using the same finish as the floating shelves. We ordered the materials from Showplace Wood Cabinetry and created something they will love for years to come.
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Interior Remodeling
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Southeast Florida
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