What Color Should You Paint Your Bathroom?

One of the most important decisions you will make in your bathroom renovation project is choosing the right paint color. Your bathroom should be comfortable and relaxing – and color plays a key role in achieving this. The right paint color can also brighten up your room and even make a small space feel bigger than it actually is.

If you’re having a hard time choosing the ideal paint color for your bathroom, DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Orland Park has five bathroom paint colors you should consider. 

Our Color Picks

Classic White

A clean, bright white bathroom is a traditional look. While many homeowners think white walls are too simple, this concept can be classy and elegant. To break up the look, you may want to use different shapes of tiles on the floor and in the shower, with crisp paint on the walls and all-white accents. If you want to add color, you may use softer neutrals or bright accessories.

A creamy white bathroom is also a great choice, as some homeowners think bright white is too intense. This classic version of white adds warmth to a cold space and can pair well with softer accent colors such as light pink or lavender. 

Dramatic Charcoal

Do you want a more dramatic look for your bathroom remodel project? Try dark charcoal. While this color can be moody, it also has warm and sophisticated elements, making it a versatile color choice. Not only does charcoal give your bathroom space a comfortable feel, it also provides a contemporary edge. If you’re interested in charcoal, pair it with natural wood tones and metallic accents to make your space cozy and chic at the same time.

Neutral Gray

If neutral colors like white or black are not right for your bathroom, you may want to consider gray. A soft, light gray keeps it neutral while emphasizing the cooling colors of granite and concrete. To warm up the look of your bathroom space, your contractor may suggest mixing in dark wood elements. If you’re going for a classic, simple look, use neutral accents. On the other hand, if you’re feeling bold and vibrant, add color to your bathroom by using bright towels or patterned shower curtains.

Blue Sea

The ocean provides a sense of tranquility and calmness. Beautiful cerulean blue is the color of the sea, and although this shade is bright, it offers serenity. By using this blue hue as your wall color, you create a comfortable bathroom space with a beach-like vibe. Consider pairing the blue shade with crisp whites for a classic nautical look. Meanwhile, vintage-toned whites and pops of bright colors are great for a beach house style.

Earthy Brown

No matter the shade of brown you have in mind, it creates a relaxed, spa-like atmosphere. A dark chocolate brown paired with metallic gold accents provides a more dramatic feel, while a medium tone, paired with details in lighter tones, is more soothing. If you’re going for a neutral look, opt for softer light brown bathroom walls and show off accent colors such as cream or beige. 

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