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Design Ideas for Stacked Kitchen Cabinets

More homeowners are opting for stacked kitchen cabinets. This provides extra storage space while filling in the excess space in a high-ceiling kitchen. We’ll go over some design tips for boosting the cabinets’ function and cosmetic appeal. Why a Stacked Kitchen Cabinet? Homeowners often request a tall cabinet system to eliminate clearance space between the ceiling and the top of the cabinet. However, a single tall cabinet system can make[...]

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Left-Handed Kitchen Design

Left-handers are a minority, making up about 10% of the population. Manufacturers design kitchens and appliances with right-handed users in mind. If you’re a southpaw, worry not. We’ll present a few left-handed kitchen design ideas. Kitchen Renovation Ideas for Left-Handed Homeowners Here’s a fact: fridges, cabinets, and microwaves are made with the hinge on the left and handle or control panel on the right. This makes it user-friendly for right-handers.[...]

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Install a Tempered Glass Shower Door

Walk-in showers are popular components of contemporary bathroom renovations. This design typically entails a glass shower door that exerts a dramatic influence on the room’s overall appearance. We recommend that homeowners consider a tempered glass shower door. What Is Tempered Glass? Tempered glass is more shatter-resistant than standard glass. In the event that tempered glass does shatter, the material breaks into pebble-sized bits, preventing large and dangerously sharp shards. Most[...]

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Design Tips for an Industrial Style Kitchen

Many homeowners are put off by the industrial style kitchen design. They think the style makes the area feel cold and impersonal. However, this is really all a matter of perspective, because some homeowners actually prefer the look. If you happen to be among this group, then we’ll show you some remodeling tips on how to expand on the industrial design. Characteristics of an Industrial Style Kitchen The main characteristic[...]

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