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A Retro Revival

Project Name
A Retro Revival
Project Summary
Our "Retro Revival" client came to us with the intention of reviving a kitchen from the 50’s while still keeping the "retro" feel.
Project Story
The original goal was to refinish and salvage the existing kitchen including a new custom powder coat finish on the existing steel cabinetry. When the timelines and cost of this process were explained, the client opted for new goods to be installed. With the clients original intention of a new retro kitchen in mind, we set to work. Managing to salvage the original boomerang cabinet hardware, the remainder was custom built to the clients specifications. From the metal counter-top edging and laminate counter-top material fabricated in house, to the custom buttercream cabinetry, the project was a success.  
Project Category
Kitchen Remodeling
Job Category
Services Performed
Carpentry, Demolition, Designing, Electrical, Flooring, Installation, Lighting, Painting, Plumbing
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