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Why It’s Better to Hire a Professional Kitchen Designer

Planning a kitchen remodeling project can be difficult if you’re doing it alone. There’s a lot to consider and it can be overwhelming, which is why DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Huntsville recommends hiring a professional kitchen designer to help you out. Here are some benefits you can expect from working with one. (more…)

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A Quick Guide to Modern Coastal Interior Design

If you’re planning to add a relaxed and sophisticated vibe to your home remodeling project, you might want to consider coastal home decor, especially if you’re into ocean-inspired flourishes and natural finishes with a touch of luminescent light. (more…)

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Remodeling Basics: Types of Contracts

Each home remodeling project is unique to a homeowner’s specifications. Whatever your requirements, it helps to know the types of contracts available to you. A contract can minimize risks that come with the project and ensure that it gets completed without hassle. Some of the common types of construction and remodeling contracts include: (more…)

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3 Essentials to Include in Your Remodeling Journal

If you’re planning your own home remodeling project this season, it pays to document every phase of the project. This will require more than before-and-after photos. After all, remodeling projects can easily get out of hand without careful planning and preparation. To help keep everything on track, document progress in a remodeling journal.  (more…)

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How to Choose a Kitchen Cabinet Door Style

Much like the countertops and flooring, your cabinets take up a large portion of your kitchen design. If it’s time to switch things up in the space design-wise. How about a new style for your cabinet doors, for instance? DreamMaker of Bath & Kitchen® of Huntsville, one of the area’s trusted kitchen remodelers, shares some of the essentials to consider when picking a kitchen cabinet door style. (more…)

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How We Keep the Job Site Clean During Major Renovations

An upgraded kitchen, remodeled bathroom and other major home renovations can boost your home’s appeal, comfort and functionality. However, major projects can involve a lot of mess. One of the first things you should ask a remodeler is how they will handle the cleanup process. Here are the measures we take at DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen to make sure the construction site remains clean and organized throughout the project.  (more…)

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What Is Overimproving & How Can You Avoid It?

Home renovations are great for boosting the appeal and overall value of your property. They can also help make your indoor spaces more beautiful and functional. However, too much improving can do more harm than good. Keep on reading to learn what over-improving is and how to prevent it. (more…)

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6 Ways to Spruce Up Basic White Subway Tile

White subway tiles are one of those materials that are unlikely to go out of style thanks to their timeless appeal. Using them in your kitchen remodeling project will give your space a clean, classy look. Adding some accents is a great way to further elevate these tiles. Read on to discover ways to make basic white subway tile more exciting!  (more…)

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Carpet vs. Hardwood: A Brief Comparison

Carpet versus hardwood is one of the oldest arguments when it comes to flooring. These materials are both very popular, but also very different from one another. If you’re thinking about a home remodeling project, this comparison can help you decide between carpet and hardwood flooring. (more…)

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Tips on Designing Your Home Gym

Having a gym at home gives you peace of mind that even if the weather is bad or a pandemic hits, you’ll still be able to get in some exercise. If you’re thinking about this renovation, it’s probably time to call an interior remodeling contractor. To motivate yourself to use your home gym, consider these suggestions. (more…)

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