6 Features to Add in a Gourmet Kitchen

No matter your skill level, a gourmet kitchen can make your everyday meal prep easier. Those who love to cook or do a lot of cooking for their families could benefit from this kitchen. If you are planning on creating this space, you should have enough space for your pantry, storing tools and appliances, and a cooking station. 

Here are features to consider in your gourmet kitchen remodel

Surfaces That Are Easy to Clean & Maintain

Low-maintenance materials like quartz don’t need sealing. Unlike natural stones, engineered materials aren’t porous. This means they are more durable and offer better resistance to stains. Quartz is also available in a wider range of colors than natural stone. 

A Self-Sustaining Island

A gourmet kitchen has generous amounts of counter space. Kitchen islands often have their own sink, storage and special features like ovens, a second dishwasher and a microwave. They are designed to meet the lifestyle needs of the family. 

Powerful Ventilation

Installing a powerful ventilation system is another thing to consider in your kitchen renovation project. This is because commercial-grade appliances tend to generate a lot of moisture, smoke and heat. You can have an exhaust hood built in for a more seamless look. In some kitchens, a hood system is used as an accent or to add a pop of color to the room.

Task Lighting

Pendants and lighting under cabinets will not only make your kitchen more appealing but also functional. These lights illuminate prepping and cooking spaces and also make clean-up easier. 

A Double Oven

When it comes to gourmet kitchens, two ovens are better than one. One of these ovens should be a convection unit or have a fan that circulates hot air so food cooks evenly. A convection microwave is also more efficient than traditional models. 

Roll-Out Storage

In this type of kitchen, you must have plenty of accessible storage so you can cook efficiently. Roll-out knife drawers and spice racks are space- and time-savers. When storing tools and appliances, make it a habit to keep those that you use the most in the lower drawers and the least-used ones in the upper cabinets. 

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