4 Master Bathroom Features to Add to Your Remodeling Wishlist

There’s nothing like a nice soak in the tub after a long day, but if your master bathroom experience has been feeling a bit lacking of late, it might be time for a refresh. Remodeling this space in your home can make every day more enjoyable. DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Greenville, your trusted bathroom renovations expert, explores some features to consider when tackling this project.

Universal Design

Incorporating the principles of universal design would be a great idea to consider. This way, the entire space can be a lot safer and more accessible for people of all ages and abilities. A glass-free, curbless shower, for example, enables individuals with mobility issues to get in and out of it effortlessly. It also opens the space visually to make the master bathroom look bigger. Adding grab bars at strategic spots around the bathroom also helps, as well as installing slip-resistant flooring.

Extra Storage

Lack of storage space is one of the many reasons why homeowners consider master bathroom remodeling. If you are having this problem, you might add this to your remodeling wishlist. Depending on the size and dimensions, making more room could mean redesigning the entire space.

Adequate cabinets are a must. Keeping your toiletries, soap, towels and hair and makeup products hidden away makes for clutter-free countertops and neater drawers. They can even have built-in electrical outlets, allowing you to plug in electronic items like shavers or hairdryers. 

Wall-Mounted Toilet

This feature takes up less floor space and, unlike the conventional toilet option, it is much easier to clean. Keep in mind, however, that you will need an access panel installed in the room behind the toilet so you can get to the plumbing if needed. 

The wall-mounted toilet tends to look rather institutional. Fortunately, this can be fixed by including wood and stone elements for walls and flooring, respectively, to create a more Zen-like vibe in your master bathroom.

Generous Lighting

It may be a simple upgrade, but the right kind of lighting can make your master bathroom feel much warmer. Wall sconces and ceiling fixtures can highlight focal points, giving you enough light when you use the bathroom.

Of course, natural lighting shouldn’t be left out when you remodel your bathroom. Windows can help flood the space with sunshine, but if you are worried about privacy, consider textured or opaque glass. Adding a skylight as big as the window can further improve the airy ambiance of your bathroom.

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