How to Create a Soothing Color Scheme

Aside from influencing your home’s look, color can affect your emotions and overall well-being. Understanding its psychology can help you curate serene and relaxing spaces. A local interior remodeling expert gives tips on creating a soothing color scheme.

Set the Atmosphere

The colors you choose for your home play a vital role in its atmosphere. Light, natural tones create an airy, open feel, while darker hues create a cozy, intimate environment. Softer, muted tones can help reduce stress and stimulate relaxation, making them ideal for spaces where you unwind, such as the bedroom or living room.

The Best Colors for a Soothing Space

Studies show that some colors have calming effects. Soft blues, reminiscent of the sky, inspire tranquility. It can also lower heart rate and blood pressure. Greens echoing nature create a sense of balance and harmony. Pastels, such as lavender and light pink, are known for their calming effect. 

You can incorporate these colors into rooms through wall paint, artwork, upholstery, furnishings and other accessories. If you need help bringing these hues to your living space, consult an experienced remodeler. At DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Greenville, we are here to help elevate the look of your home. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need a bathroom or kitchen quote

Strike a Balance

After choosing the perfect colors, the next step is to balance them within your space. You can achieve a harmonious look by using complementary colors. These are colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel. 

It’s also crucial to balance cool and warm tones. Too many cool hues can make a room cold and unwelcoming, while an excess of warm tones creates an overwhelming feel. Using the right amount of warm and cool tones is essential to a soothing and inviting living environment. 

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