Simple Ways to Make Your Ceilings Look Higher

High ceilings can make indoor spaces look brighter, airier and more elegant. They are also known for helping keep rooms cool during the warmer months. However, not all homes have this attractive feature. 

Create the illusion of added ceiling height with these simple tips and tricks from a trusted home renovator

Go With a Lighter Color

Painting ceilings in a lighter color is one of the easiest ways to make them appear higher than they actually are. White paint with a high-gloss or semi-gloss finish is a great option. You can also divert the eyes from a low ceiling by matching the molding and trim’s color with the walls. 

Choose the Right Lighting

You want to avoid fans and large lighting fixtures since they bring more attention to your ceiling. It doesn’t mean you can’t add a chandelier or pendant to the room. You’ll only need to place the fixture higher than usual or get clear pieces that are less noticeable. 

It’s best to skip prominent pendant lights if your home has a lower ceiling. Wall lights and table lamps are other options to illuminate your home. They can accentuate the height of your ceiling because they cast light vertically. Recessed lights can also make it seem like your space has more headroom.

Incorporate Vertical Patterns or Stripes

Wallpaper with vertical stripes or patterns will draw the eye upward, elongating the room. You can get the same effect with striped curtains. This technique will especially work well in narrow or smaller rooms. If you are unsure how to incorporate vertical elements into your space, you can always seek assistance from an experienced home remodeler

Select Lower and Simpler Furniture

Lower furnishings can make your ceiling look taller because they let you see more of the wall. This technique highlights the space between furniture pieces and the ceiling. Tall bookcases, floor lamps and vertical decor can help you achieve that high-ceiling look. You also want to hang curtains or drapes higher on the wall to lengthen the room.

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