The Importance of Lighting in an Aging-in-Place Remodel

Proper lighting is an integral part of home design, and moreso if you’re working on an aging-in-place remodel. Ensuring good illumination will make every space safer and more accessible for seniors. Here, home remodel expert Dreammaker Bath & Kitchen of Greenville delves into aging-friendly lighting improvements in detail.

Good Lighting Ensures You Can See Clearly

Eye deterioration is a natural result of the aging process. Reduction in contrast sensitivity, reduction in the ability to see small details and even reduced color discrimination are unavoidable as one grows older. These are the primary reasons why prioritizing lighting in your forever home is critical.

Below are some easy home renovation ideas that may be beneficial in maximizing interior illumination:

  • Utilize even lighting. It should be noted that many seniors have trouble differentiating light and dark surfaces inside the home. This can be mitigated by using bright, uniform light that allows for a smoother transition from well-lit areas to dimly lit ones. Also consider including high-contrast color surfaces in the design.
  • Increase your access to natural light. You can do this by minimizing window treatments, adding larger windows and/or having skylights installed. Remember that sunlight not only improves the overall mood of a room, it also gives it the illusion of being a larger space. Better daylighting means you won’t have to rely on artificial lights to illuminate your home during the daytime, conserving energy.
  • Reduce glare. Unfiltered lighting can create glare, which has potentially harmful effects on eyesight. For this reason, use opaque lampshades to disperse light and prevent glare, and consider adding matte finishes to walls and surfaces to reduce excess light reflection.

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