How to Properly Integrate a Laundry Area in a Bathroom

If you don’t have a home with a separate laundry area, then you can opt to add your washer and dryer to your bathroom if there is enough space. In this post, DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Greenville, an elite bathroom remodeler in the area, explains how you can incorporate these machines into your bathroom.

Check Your Existing Plumbing System

You can reduce the costs of installing a washer in your bathroom by installing it on the same wall where your existing plumbing runs. This means that the washer should be situated on the backside or the adjacent side of your bathroom. Using your existing plumbing allows for the water supply and waste line to run seamlessly without reconfiguring the current layout. Adding a separate line of plumbing will raise the cost of your project since you might have to tear out parts of the wall to accommodate plumbing.

Maximize the Space in Your Bathroom

Often homeowners think that some spaces in their bathroom are best left empty. However, these spaces can allow your bathroom to become more functional if you need to add a washing machine. Inspect your bathroom, look for areas that aren’t currently utilized and place your washer and dryer there. Use a stackable washer and dryer if you have a limited bathroom space. If the storage space you have doesn’t cut it, you can add shelves and cabinets above the stack.

Keep Your Washer & Dryer Hidden

Many homeowners are concerned about a washer and dryer standing out and disrupting their bathroom’s design. Consult your bathroom remodeler for ideas to remedy this problem, such as building a cabinet or custom-made compartment to house these appliances. This lets you fully appreciate your bathroom’s design while keeping your laundry area discreet.

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