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Water Closet Pros & Cons: What to Consider

A water closet is not a common feature in most homes but it’s worth considering if you’re already doing a bathroom renovation in the first place. What is it? A water closet is essentially a room with a toilet that is designed for ultimate privacy. 

The Pros

As you’ll have an enclosed space, a water closet is a great source of privacy. It also ensures bath time is not disrupted when someone else needs to use the toilet, which can be a problem in bathrooms housing tubs, showers and toilets in the same area. A water closet also keeps particulates in the air that are produced when you flush the toilet contained, helping you promote hygiene in the home. If privacy and cleanliness are important to you, a water closet may just be the thing for you.

The Cons

Getting a separate water closet will use up more space compared to what you’ll need for a toilet in a bathroom. It can also feel cramped since it’s designed to provide just enough room for a toilet and you. If you are claustrophobic, a water closet won’t be for you.

Water Closet vs. Powder Room

It’s easy to confuse these two as they both mainly feature a toilet and are small in size, but they differ in that a powder room also contains a sink. This makes it slightly larger than a water closet and also ideal for use by guests. A water closet can be used by guests but offers private access for members of the household, especially if it is adjacent to a master bathroom.

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