Top Considerations When Choosing Shower Seating

Comfort and functionality should be a priority when designing or remodeling a bathroom. This is especially true for the shower area, a space that has evolved from a mere functional corner to a luxurious retreat. Among the features contributing to this transformation is shower seating — a seemingly simple addition that can greatly enhance the comfort, accessibility and overall enjoyment of your shower experience. 

In this post, a local bathroom remodeler shares the various considerations when selecting a shower seat.

The Importance of Shower Seating

Shower seating isn’t just about adding a touch of spa-like luxury to your bathroom. It’s a practical feature that caters to comfort and accessibility. Seating can provide a safe and comfortable option for older adults, those with disabilities, or anyone who may need to rest during their shower due to health issues. Moreover, it introduces convenience by offering a place to prop up your legs for tasks like shaving or simply a spot to relax under the warm flow of water after a long day.

Choosing the Right Shower Seat for Your Space

The decision to include seating in your shower space comes with a set of considerations. Whether you’re in the process of designing a walk-in shower or looking to retrofit your current space, these factors will guide your choices.

Purpose and Location

Determine why you need a shower seat and where it best serves its purpose. Is it for accessibility reasons, comfort or simply aesthetics? For accessibility, a seat placed near the shower controls and at an appropriate height is crucial. In larger walk-in showers, positioning is more flexible but keep in mind accessibility and ease of use. 

Height and Material

The height of your shower seating should cater to its primary user. Standard seating heights range from 17 to 19 inches, but your bathroom contractor can customize your shower seat to accommodate specific needs. Material choice, on the other hand, will greatly influence the aesthetics and maintenance of your shower seat. Tiles, teak wood, and solid surfaces like quartz or marble are popular choices that offer different looks and levels of upkeep.

Design Ideas for Shower Seating

Built-In Benches: Tiled to match or contrast with the surrounding walls, built-in benches offer a permanent and cohesive look to your shower space.

Corner Seats: Ideal for smaller showers, a corner seat maximizes space without compromising comfort.

Floating Benches: These lend a modern, minimalistic aesthetic to your shower, making the space appear larger.

Fold-Down Seats: Perfect for adaptable or temporary needs, fold-down seats offer flexibility without sacrificing space.

Freestanding Stools: These are portable and can add a touch of warmth, especially when crafted in materials like teak.

Window-Side Seating: If your shower is near a source of natural light, a bench by the window can create a serene spot to relax.

Selecting Your Shower Seating

Whether you opt for a sleek, built-in bench that seamlessly blends with your shower’s design or a stylish, freestanding stool for a more eclectic touch, your choice should align with your practical needs and aesthetic preferences. Remember, the perfect shower seat is one that complements your lifestyle, enhances safety and contributes to the overall beauty of your bathroom. Furthermore, as you contemplate adding a seat to your shower or revamping your existing one, consider how it will serve you today and in the years to come. An accessible remodeling expert can give you more insight and specific advice based on your needs.

Let’s Start a Conversation!

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