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Trendy vs. Classic: How to Strike a Balance When Remodeling Your Kitchen

Few homeowners consult remodelers without some kind of vision for their kitchen. Some come to our design center with wish lists, others with magazines full of sticky notes, others with amazing Pinterest boards.

But they also come to us with doubts: “I love this trend, but won’t my kitchen look dated in five years?” “I know classic is always a safe bet, but I don’t want a boring kitchen!”

Here’s a secret: You can have it all! The secret is in finding a balance.

Where to Future-Proof

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to kitchen design, but there are areas where you’ll want to err on the side of practicality.

  • Layout. Keep it function-driven. Lots of homeowners nowadays love the idea of open kitchens, but ask yourself how you personally utilize that space before you start tearing down walls.

  • Big-ticket items. These include flooring, countertops and appliances. For these, choose durability and versatility over trendiness. (Not that they’re mutually exclusive!)

  • Materials. Choose dimensionally stable materials that lend themselves to revamping and refinishing, like solid wood cabinets and shelving.

  • Lighting. Bring in lots of natural light. It never goes out of style!

Where to Mix Things Up

When it comes to trends, it helps to remember that your home isn’t a static space. Expect it to evolve with you over the years. So while it’s smart to play safe with some elements, you shouldn’t be afraid to incorporate trends you love into your kitchen, either.

  • Lighting. Both plug-in and hard-wired fixtures can be easily updated as needed.

  • Paint colors. Paint jobs are inexpensive and go a long way toward making a space look and feel new.

  • Soft goods and accents. These include rugs, window treatments, upholstery and other small, inexpensive elements that introduce color, pattern and texture to your kitchen.

Let Us Build Your Dream Kitchen

DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Charlotte will work with you to create a space that will add functionality and identity to your home. We are a premier local kitchen remodeling company proudly serving Charlotte, Concord, Cornelius, Davidson, Kannapolis and Lake Norman.

Call (704) 243-8887 or fill out our contact form to request a kitchen remodel quote today!

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