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Top Materials to Use for an (Almost) Indestructible Bathroom

The average American spends about eight minutes in the shower every day, not counting additional daily time spent in the bathroom. These minutes definitely add up, making the bathroom one of the rooms in your home with the highest amount of traffic. Needless to say, your bathroom should be able to keep up with all the use.

One way to ensure your bathroom can withstand heavy use is to use sturdy materials. In this post, bath-to-shower conversions expert DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Charlotte explains the top materials to use for an almost-indestructible bathroom.

Acrylic Panel Shower Walls

Acrylic panel shower walls are lightweight yet incredibly durable. They can resist peeling, cracking and chipping while being much easier to maintain than stone tiles. Unlike stone tiles, acrylic panel shower walls are nailed directly to wall studs or glued to the wallboards. This means they don’t need grout. Acrylic is also colored all the way through so scratches are not obvious on the surface.

Glazed Porcelain Tile Flooring

Glazed porcelain tile floors won’t absorb water like laminate and other porous materials do. This makes them one of the best choices for bathroom flooring. Glazed glass porcelain tiles are likewise practically stain-proof — as are the latest high-quality urethane and epoxy grouts, which don’t require any sealing either. The bottom line is that this flooring option needs minimal maintenance to look good.

Cast Iron

Thinking of replacing your bathtub? Consider getting a cast iron tub. Since cast iron is heavy, it might not be a good option on the upper floors of your home. But rest assured, a cast iron bathtub is just about the most durable tub you can find.

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