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3 Ideas to Steal from Professional Kitchens

If you love cooking, you probably want your kitchen to be comparable to those used by professional chefs. If you are planning a contemporary kitchen remodel to make that dream come true, here are three ideas to consider.

1. Cook-Friendly Flow

Professional chefs move with such speed because their kitchens are designed to help them move quickly. When designing the layout of your kitchen, make sure that the design will minimize the steps you have to take as you prepare meals and cook. Take the kitchen triangle into consideration. The kitchen triangle is the connection between the sink, fridge and stove or range. Remove things that you don’t normally use for cooking from the triangle.

2. Smart Storage

When designing the kitchen layout, storage must be prioritized. It may actually help to plan and assign storage first before finalizing the entire layout. Take an inventory of all your kitchen tools and appliances. Don’t forget to list those that you’re planning to buy as well. Then, make a plan as to where you will put each of them. It’s wise to group them according to function and make sure that items you often use for cooking are easy to find and reach.

3. The Right Sink

The sink is one of the most-used areas in the kitchen. There are different kinds of sinks. Large, deep sinks are effective at hiding dirty dishes. You can also opt for dual-bowl sinks. Choose a sink style and type according to how you usually work and how much space you can spare for it.

Customize Your Kitchen With DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen

Want to get started on your kitchen remodel and make sure that these ideas are applied in your project? Get in touch with the expert team at DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Charlotte. Our in-house designer can help you come up with the perfect kitchen layout and design to suit your needs. Then, as full-service design-build kitchen remodeling contractors, we will ensure that your dream kitchen is turned into reality. Call us today at (704) 243-8887 to schedule a free consultation.

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