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What’s on Your Kitchen Remodeling Wish List?

One of the first things we’ll do when you come in for a kitchen design consultation at DreamMaker is talk about your wish list. Whether you’re planning a small kitchen renovation or a full-scale gut, we want to get a clear idea of your priorities and what features you’d file under “extras.”

We also understand that not everyone has a crystal-clear picture of what they want to see in their kitchen. That’s okay! Part of our job is to provide design inspiration and translate your project goals into a concrete vision for your space. Here are some of the most popular kitchen features to give you some ideas!

Popular Kitchen Features

  • Open layout and/or direct outdoor access. This one’s a common wish list item for homeowners who do a lot of entertaining. It involves more reno work, but for the right households, it’s well worth the trouble.

  • Generous lighting. Layers of light—natural as well as artificial ambient, task and accent lighting—are vital in any kitchen.

  • Sinks that make sense. Different households have different kitchen sink needs. Most people prefer double bowls if they hand-wash dishes, and a single bowl if they mainly use the dishwasher. Prep sinks are still widely considered a nice option rather than an essential.

  • Corner storage. Every cubic inch counts in a kitchen! Lazy Susans and blind corner pull-outs make fantastic use of this often-wasted space.

  • Smart waste/recycling solutions. Convenience and accessibility are paramount when it comes to trash and recycling. Common must-have features include out-of-sight storage, double bins and hands-free use.

  • An appliance garage. Appliance garages keep countertops tidy by keeping often-used appliances accessible but out of sight.

  • A coffee/tea station. For its size, this space packs a lot of storage and function. It also often doubles as a mini bar area.

We Make Kitchen Wishes Come True!

Start a conversation with a design expert at DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Central Texas by calling (254) 262-0087 or submitting our online contact form. We’re a full-service bath and kitchen remodeling company proudly serving Waco and the surrounding areas.

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