The Importance of Separating Wet & Dry Zones in a Bathroom

One of the many current trends in bathroom remodeling places emphasis on the separation of wet and dry zones. This creates an improved layout that allows fittings to stand out and light fixtures to highlight certain areas of the bathroom to the best effect.

Today, DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Central Texas takes a closer look at the importance of separating the wet and dry zones in bathrooms. We’ll also offer tips on how to successfully create this division.

The Basics

The bathroom’s wet zone is where the shower or bathtub is located, as well as rails or storage for towels and other bathing essentials. The dry zone is the more commonly used area and often contains the vanity counter and toilet. 

The Essence of Separation

Considering this practical layout for a bath renovation effectively establishes two designated areas for two different activities. On the one hand, you have an area where you can relax in a tub or take a quick shower. On the other, you have a spot where you can wash up without getting your feet wet. Creating a separation also protects the dry zone from getting damp and moldy because of the moisture coming from the wet zone. This also makes the bathroom easier to clean.

Design Tips for Wet & Dry Zones

Here are some ideas to consider when separating the shower or bathtub from the vanity and toilet.

  • Place your wet zone in the part of the bathroom that’s furthest away from the door. This minimizes the amount of water spread throughout the room. Rails should be placed near the shower or bathtub where towels can easily be reached.
  • If you have enough headroom and space in your bathroom, consider a wall partition for your wet zone to minimize splashing. It can be a half-wall, with or without glass, or a full wall.
  • You can always opt for a shower curtain if you have limited space. It can be an eye-catching focal point—a splash of bold color can make a statement within a neutral space.

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