Is Your Home Remodeling Contractor Doing Quality Work?

How can you tell if your home remodeling contractors are on the right track to creating your dream home? In this post, DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Central Texas shares things you need to look out for to know if your home remodeling contractor is doing a proper job.

Inspecting Completed Projects

To learn about the quality of your contractor’s workmanship, view completed projects on their website to gain a basic understanding of what you can expect from them. If possible, ask if you can visit one of these completed projects and view it in-person. Here are a few details you should take note of when making a site visit:

  1. Tiles. A quality remodeler will ensure that tile spacing is correct and that tiles aren’t jutted. Also, they’ll apply thin, smooth grout lines so that the floors look presentable. A clean and uniform tile appearance is a good sign that your contractor is doing a great job.
  2. Doors & cabinets. During a closet remodel project, you can tell if cabinets, doors and closets are well-installed if they can be easily operated. If you find it difficult to open and close them, they could be poorly installed or it’s possible they may have expanded due to weather.
  3. Trim. A sign of quality trim installation is if it appears to be symmetrical and straight. The casing around doors and windows should be clean and uniform, while the corners should be mitered smoothly. Additionally, there should be no visible nail holes and seams. 
  4. Lighting. Determine if the lighting used is appropriate for the home’s design. Notice if fixtures are lined up and spaced properly. Turn on lights and see if they function correctly. Don’t forget to check out the dimmers too; some contractors make installation mistakes that cause dimmers to flicker or not work at all.
  5. Countertops. When you’re inspecting countertops, be sure there are no awkwardly positioned seams or gaps filled with putty or caulking materials. If the countertop appears clean with the original finish, then the remodeler has done a proper job.

Let’s Start a Conversation!

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