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How to Minimize VOCs During a Home Remodel

An old home remodel is a fantastic way to preserve historic aspects of your home and to improve its feel and look at the same time. The experts at DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Central Texas want you to know that if you have any home renovation ideas you’d love to bring to life, we can help!

However, you’ll need to be aware that renovation can involve a range of chemicals that are harmful to the body. What may look like dust could be a dangerous concoction of volatile substances that circulate in your home long after your projects are done.

What Are VOCs?

VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are chemicals found in a wide of array of consumer and commercial renovation products. These include glue, drywall, paint and primer, and many aerosol-based products which can float around and be inhaled. Even small amounts of VOCs can make you light-headed, and can cause health complications in large doses, including cancer. They can also accumulate in and recirculate through vents long after the renovations have been done.

During a renovation, it’s best to keep windows, doors and vents open and direct air and dust out of the home. VOCs can aggravate asthma and other respiratory illnesses, and cause respiratory irritation even in adults who don’t suffer from such health concerns. Children, with their still-developing lungs, are most vulnerable. Among the airborne contaminants you could be subjected to during renovations are:

  • Wood dust and dust from cutting and sanding drywall.

  • VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in paints, primers, adhesives and surface finishes, and airborne fibers from insulation batts.

  • Off-gassing of foam insulation.

Be alert to the signs of inadequate ventilation, and let your remodeler know of issues such as stuffy air, moisture condensation on cold surfaces, or mold and mildew growth. Address these issues before or during the remodeling process. To improve indoor air quality and control sources of pollution and emissions, you can work at increasing the amount of outdoor air coming inside. Indoor air cleaning and adequate ventilation are likewise important.

Work With Our Professionals

Professional remodelers use barriers and ventilation to minimize occupant exposure to pollutants during a house remodel and to minimize VOC (volatile organic compounds) and air quality problems during remodeling. For further questions and invaluable help with your home remodeling projects, call DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Central Texas at (254) 262-0087 today.

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