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Pros & Cons of Popular Bathroom Countertops

If your bathroom is no longer up to par, you might have to replace some of its components, such as the countertop. In this blog, the top bath renovation specialists at DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Central Texas share the pros and cons of the most common countertops found in bathrooms today. (more…)

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Design Principles of a Luxury Bathroom

It’s no wonder that homeowners put a lot of thought into a bathroom’s design. In fact, one of the most popular remodeling wish list items is a luxury bathroom. What are the design principles that set a luxury bathroom apart from a regular one? Our bathroom remodelers explain more. (more…)

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The Importance of Separating Wet & Dry Zones in a Bathroom

One of the many current trends in bathroom remodeling places emphasis on the separation of wet and dry zones. This creates an improved layout that allows fittings to stand out and light fixtures to highlight certain areas of the bathroom to the best effect. (more…)

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Looking Back at the Top Bathroom Remodeling Trends of 2019

According to the recent 2019 U.S. Houzz Bathroom Trends Study, several bathroom remodeling trends could take over in the coming years. The bathroom remodelers at DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Central Texas take a look. (more…)

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Bathroom Designs for 3 Different Uses

A bathroom’s size and shape are often the first things considered when renovating. While these two factors are certainly important in designing a bath, you also need to think about who will use a specific bathroom in your home. By first understanding who the bathroom will be used by, your contractor can make appropriate recommendations and guide you through the project. (more…)

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What Not to Skimp On When Remodeling a Bathroom

It’s natural to want to keep costs to a minimum when making a significant investment in a bathroom remodel. However, it’s best to focus on maximizing your return on investment (ROI) rather than cutting corners. In particular, you should never try to cut costs when it comes to certain components of a new bathroom. The bath renovation experts at DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Central Texas explain more. (more…)

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3 Things to Remember When Choosing a Bathtub Surround

Did you know that the enclosure around a bathtub gets more wear than the tub itself? It’s not uncommon for homeowners to have to repair the wall around the tub before having to replace the bathtub. That’s why tub surround panels are growing more popular. These tub surrounds are durable and easy to install. DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Central Texas, one of the top bathroom remodelers in our area,[...]

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Top 3 Ways to Save Water in the Bathroom

The average American household uses around 300 gallons of water a day, 70% (or 210 gallons) of which is used indoors. A 2016 study by the Water Research Foundation revealed that toilet usage alone makes up 24% (or 50.4 gallons) of a household’s daily water consumption. In addition, the average American spends roughly eight minutes in the shower a day, using around 17.2 gallons each time. (more…)

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How to Turn Your Bathroom Into a Romantic Escape

Wouldn’t you love to enjoy a spa-like bath experience in the privacy of your own home? Turn your bath space into a refuge for rest, relaxation and possibly even romance with a few simple tips. The premier home remodeling contractors at DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Central Texas explain more. (more…)

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Conserve Water at Home and Take the “I’m for Water” Pledge

WaterSense is a voluntary partnership program that’s sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency. Its goal is to educate consumers and to promote water efficiency. To do this, the program labels water-efficient products that meet EPA criteria with the WaterSense label. They also started the “I’m for Water” pledge to encourage homeowners to save water. (more…)

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