How to Make the Most of a Neutral Color Scheme

Embracing neutrals in your home is not about playing it safe. These hues can create a canvas for your creativity and style to flourish. When used tastefully, neutral colors can breathe new life into your space. Read on for tips from a local interior remodeling expert. 

Add Contrast

Incorporating contrasts and layering similar tones can add depth and interest to a room without overwhelming it with color. Dark elements and metallic accents can define and elevate a neutral design. For instance, you can pair gold or black fixtures with white or gray tiles for a chic-looking bathroom. 

Material Matters  

When designing a space with a neutral color scheme, your choice of material matters. Consider incorporating resilient quartzite for countertops and backsplashes for durability and elegance. Wood cabinetry, such as bleached walnut and cerused oak, paired with off-white walls, creates a welcoming atmosphere. The inherent beauty of these materials complements neutrals. Aside from providing an accurate bathroom or kitchen quote, a reliable remodeler will help you select hues, finishes and materials that accentuate the beauty of your space. 

Incorporate Textures

Textures can bring life and dimension to a neutral interior. They can create a tactile and visual richness that cannot be achieved through color alone. You can incorporate textures through plaster wall finishes, plush fabric and detailed stonework. 

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