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Wasted Space Turned Active Bonus Room

Project Name
Wasted Space Turned Active Bonus Room
Project Summary
A healthy self is a happy self. We turned this attic space into a workout room so that our clients can work out at their own convenience. Now they can take advantage of their personalized home gym at any point in the day.
Project Story
This project came our way when a competitor turned down the job and recommended us. He had worked for them before, building a deck but he didn't want to tackle the attic. The challenge was daunting at first, with all the roof bracing running at various angles within the footprint of the area they planned to utilize and the offset rooms they wanted with different levels, a small staircase, and HVAC challenges. At first, we had a framing crew as a sub-contractor lined up to do the complicated framing, as we thought they would be more efficient than our crew. At the last minute they became unreachable, and we had no choice but to put my two lead carpenters on it. They were able to frame it and be within the budget cost that we had for the sub-contractor. The framing lumber had to be brought up to the attic area by way of the dormer window at the end of the originally finished upstairs area. Fortunately, the window was high enough for 48" plywood to slide through. The clients worked during the day while we were working on the project. They were very trusting clients and created no issues for us during the project. They recently called us back to perform additional work inside and outside their home.
Project Category
Interior Remodeling
Job Category
Residential Addition
Services Performed
Carpentry, Demolition, Designing, Electrical, Flooring, HVAC, Lighting, Painting, Sheet Rock
South Carolina
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