Designer Touches That Contribute to Your Kitchen’s Functionality

Many homeowners focus on the big changes during a kitchen remodel, but it’s the little things that can have the most impact on a kitchen’s functionality. In this post, a trusted “kitchen remodeler near me” will share some of the small details that can make or break a kitchen.

Task Lighting

Adequate lighting can be essential to any room. Take note that in your kitchen area, under-cabinet lighting is an efficient way to brighten the countertop area so that food preparation and cooking can be done safely and comfortably. Pro tip: when installing under-cabinet task lighting, make certain that it is positioned toward the front of the cabinet and not toward the back for best effect.

Low-Maintenance Countertops

For countertops, always consider a material that’s a good balance between your budget and style. There are many countertop options that are both visually appealing and affordable, while requiring only minimal maintenance. To ensure that you’re making the right choice for your purchase, consult a designer or kitchen contractor to learn more about the materials you like.

A Well-Designed Island

Islands are often a good choice for an eat-in kitchen. An island can be a wonderful part of your design scheme as well as boosting usability by providing a home for a sink, cooktop and tons of storage. Its central location makes it easy to reach everything you need when cooking.

Finishing Touches

Even if you make all the right design decisions during the remodeling process, the wrong decor choices — such as too many knick-knacks, lacy linens and open shelving — can make even the most aesthetically pleasing kitchen feel messy. Ask your design team for decor suggestions to help you out.

Let’s Start a Conversation!

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