How to Achieve English Country Style in Your Home

English country homes are known for their homey, cozy ambiance. Rooms are colorful, vibrant and filled with traditionally styled furniture. Achieving this style for your home can be easy with the help of an experienced interior remodeling company. Read on for tips on how to achieve English Country style. 

Use Wood Furniture

Since nature is the focus of English Country homes, wood is the predominant material for furniture. Usually tables, shelves and dressers are made of pine, oak or mahogany, with accents typically made of brass.

Soften Furniture With Fabrics

The easiest way to decorate your interior is to add some colorful fabrics and pillows to the furniture. Place throw pillows or upholstered pads on wooden chairs to soften their look. Add some lace curtains for a finishing touch in each room. Some of the most common fabric options are floral patterns, damasks and chintz. 

Utilize a Three- or Four-Color Palette

English Country homes get their colors from nature. The most popular hues include pinks and yellows, like the roses in English gardens. You can go for vibrant or muted colors and even use floral patterns. Using at least three colors for your palette will make your living spaces look more inviting and lived-in. While most English country kitchens have white cabinets, remodeling contractors suggest adding color to countertops and accessories to make a room livelier. 

Consider Patterned Wallpaper

Another popular feature of English Country homes is patterned wallpaper. The patterns you choose for your walls should complement other features of the room to keep the space from looking too busy. Pair large prints with smaller ones, such as gingham. Another trick is to go for similar color palettes in the pattern to keep the room looking cohesive. 

Use Accessories & Period Details

When decorating your English Country home, consider adding period details like beamed ceilings, wood flooring and wainscoting. Instead of recessed lighting, choose traditional chandeliers, lamps and candles. Homes in this style usually have a fireplace also. 

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